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A blast of cherry color and a blend of nature’s flavor captured in a serene moment of beauty.

Cherry Bomb

Crafted by CHI

Commissioned Fall 2018


infinity shirt 021

Karyn White

Ritual of Love / 1991

Artist: CHI


Posting 20190610

A small sapling crafted from brass and rose quartz standing peacefully alone in a meadow.

Rosie in the Meadow

Crafted by Chi

Commissioned August 2018


infinity shirt 020

Michael Jordan in flight

Artist: CHI

Posting 20190722

Standing alone on a barren plateau, this smartly fashioned and brilliantly warm sapling of yellow citrine adds a bit of rustic charm to any room.

Solo Suntrine

Crafted by Chi

Commissioned December 2017



Latveria’s beloved leader.

Artist: CHI