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Category Archives: The Atelier

Posting 20190318

The subdued yet bold tones of green, burgundy, and brown come together in this piece to bring to form an expression of life, strength, and harmony. This floating vine creates a natural accent for any room and makes for a great talking piece.


Crafted by Chi

Commissioned Summer 2017


Posting 20190121

This Jade Dragon is a bonzai for the lazy guy.  Crafted from green amazonite and gold wire, this little one only needs love and admiration – no water or sunlight required.

Jade Dragon

Crafted by Chi

Commissioned Spring 2018


Posting 20190218

A rose quartz bloomed tree stands atop a hill looking over a quiet fountain.

Rosie Falls

Crafted by Chi

Commissioned summer 2017

Posting 20190204

A short climb to the top of a rocky hill reveals a golden tree with leaves the color of the sky it rests under.

A touch of sky

Crafted by Chi

Commissioned summer 2018

Posting 20190121

This sapling captures the beauty of a miniature Hawaiian Hala tree.

Aloha au ia ‘oe

Crafted by Chi

Commissioned for Lynn Fall 2018


Posting 20181210

An early spring or a late frost? The green prehnite in concert with the silver wire creates a chillingly warm feeling of new life.

Last Spring

Crafted by Chi

Commissioned for Winter 2017