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Category Archives: The Atelier

Posting 20190107

Smartly fashioned and brilliantly warm, this sapling of yellow citrine brightens any room.

Suntrine in bloom

Crafted by Chi

Commissioned December 2017


Posting 20190218

Ready for a taste of the rainbow? A sapling full of vibrant color and beauty.

Taste of Color

Crafted by Chi

Commissioned May 2018

Posting 20190204

This enchanted scene depicts one of the fay enjoying a moment by an ancient magical pool.

Enchanted Scenes: Enchanted Pool

Commissioned December 2017



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This sapling was inspired by the majestic elven home, Teldrassil, from World of Warcraft. This magical manifestation creates a scene of serene enchantment.


Crafted by Chi

Commissioned July 2018

Posting 20190415

In Westeros beyond the wall in the far north stands the tree of the Three Eyed Raven.

Tree of the Three Eyed Raven

Crafted by Chi

Commissioned summer 2016

Posting 20190401

In northern Westeros on the grounds of Winterfell deep in the godswood, stands an old Weirwood tree. This imagery captured before winter came.

Winterfell Weirwood tree

Crafted by Chi

Commissioned summer 2016