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Category Archives: The Atelier

Sitting with the fae

Lilly’s Pond

An enchanted scene depicting a lovely fairy leisurely resting by the pond.

2019-02-12 09.18.10

The Lantern’s Grove

Will, Fear, Love, Rage, Hope, Avarice, Compassion. A colorful grove inspired by the DC comics various Lantern Corps.



A blast of cherry color and a blend of nature’s flavor captured in a serene moment of beauty.

Cherry Bomb

Crafted by CHI

Commissioned Fall 2018


Posting 20190610

A small sapling crafted from brass and rose quartz standing peacefully alone in a meadow.

Rosie in the Meadow

Crafted by Chi

Commissioned August 2018


Posting 20190722

Standing alone on a barren plateau, this smartly fashioned and brilliantly warm sapling of yellow citrine adds a bit of rustic charm to any room.

Solo Suntrine

Crafted by Chi

Commissioned December 2017


Posting 20190708

The tree of life has many leaves and colors. This vibrant spectacle of flavorful tones captures the multitude of life itself.

Tapestry of life

Crafted by Chi

Commissioned September 2018