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The Infinity Spark represents that first glimmer of creativity that can set the imagination on fire.  When the fires of the imagination are stoked, the flames created burn brilliantly and brightly producing art, music, literature, medicine, and technology that may have been previously thought impossible or may have never been thought of at all until the spark ignited it.  These flames burn their way into our hearts and our history, lingering long after we’re gone.

This page was created to provide a place for me to share my sparks with the world and also share some sparks from others that have inspired me. Here you will see original stories, fanfictions and just truly random sparks of heart, emotion or provocative thought.  I may even drop some pics of various artwork I’ve done.  Like any work in progress, what I envision now may not  be what eventually this becomes, but that’s part of the fun of creating something new. Always remember life  is a work in progress. It continues to change and evolve until it’s done.

So please enjoy these sparks of my creativity and perhaps I can ignite your imagination.

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