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It was a long time before I recognized the true reason for the lie.  I told it to her, to myself, to any who asked or would listen.  I told it till even I began to believe it. There’s power in a lie. Peace can be found in a lie. Lies can make us feel safe and warm. Lies are our comfortable and cozy protection from a reality we would rather forget. Lies offer the beauty of what you wish was and blinds you to what is. But for all of the wonder and joy a lie can be; a lie is still just a lie. A clever deception, a mask keeping hidden the unwanted truth we don’t want to face.  I didn’t want to face. The lie is like a drug. Telling it and believing it is your high and remembering the truth is the cold emptiness left when the high is gone. The more you remember the more lies you have tell to hide it. Forever chasing the high, until one inevitable day comes when you must stand in the light and face the full unfiltered truth. On that day they will know, you will know…she will know. That however is tomorrow, today I embrace the lie. Life is good and I am happy.

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