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I thought about you today.  Yeah I know, foolish of me.  I was minding my own business getting on with my life and there you were dancing across the memories in my head.  I hadn’t planned a trip, but  there I was racing down memory lane.  I remembered that perfectly imperfect smile. The scent of you when you entered a room. The way your mere presence demanded attention and your personality made those around you give that attention freely.

I thought about you today. Was I  a fool to have thought I was what she wanted or needed?  Have I fallen short and am I a fool to want to try again? I could do more, I could be more, but that still wouldn’t get me closer to her. I’ve seen what she wants and I’m not it.  She’s told me what she needs and it’s never been me. Why don’t I walk away instead of staying and playing the fool?

I thought of you today. Foolishly thinking I could be happy simply knowing you were happy without me. Thinking I would find another that would light my dark places as you do. Thinking that moving on was something you could just say instead of it being something you have to truly believe. No, I play the fool who never learns or opens his eyes to the truth. I stay seated in darkness waiting for your light and thinking…

I thought of you today. Do you think of me?

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