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Daily Archives: February 25th, 2019

     The Battle had raged for only minutes but already many were dead and the slaves who had once hidden their appearance with robes were now revealed as goblins implicating the Steamwidle Cartel’s involvement.  Rastorem fresh from being healed by Poppa, recast his spell on Joe and turned to begin opening a portal.  Baar observed the battlefield and shouted, 

“Assasins, continue to press the advantage!  Everyone else through the portal as soon as Rast has it open!” 

     “I was just beginning to enjoy this!” G shouted relieving an Ogre of his legs.

     “Nuttin, lika party, G.”  Hiruskiya replied joining Quista’s battle with Narrak. 

     “I don’t need any help we’ve got this.” Quista snarled deflecting a blow from the ogre.

     “So, Ir see and how tis it that dere be two of ya now, I thought yer pet been killed. Thought im dead.” Hiru questioned.

     “Yes, well he’s better now.” Quista replied uneasily

     “Fowl majicks ya be werkin wit. Im ave bad glow bout im. Be bad joojoo.”  Hiru warned.  Quista didn’t’ say another word as the two ladies landed a killing blow and brought down the ogre.   As the Ogre fell Quista was knocked off her feet by a gunshot.  Baaradon, who with Poppa was just finishing of the goblins, looked to see where shot had come from and saw Scyrun cocking his Khorium Destroyer. 

“Say, that’s a nice gun.” Baaradon noted with a twisted grin.     

“That’s a nice gun.”  Poppa chimed in.  Hiru ran for cover as Scyrun popped of several random shots at her.  Baaradon just stood there, his gun pointed, his body deathly still.  Baar’s eyes narrowed as he exhaled and squeezed the trigger.  One single Adamantite round came screaming out of the barrel and soared toward its destination.  Baar quickly snapped from the trance of his aimed shot, cast his aspect of the cheetah and bolted for Scryun.

Scyrun took careful aim at the rogue moving for cover.  Once sure of the shot, he went to squeeze the trigger but was interrupted as Baar’s bullet penetrated his head between the bridge of his nose and the corner of his eye.  It, then slid down his back after banging against the back of his helmet. Scyrun fell to his knees and slumped over as Baar approached to retrieve his powerful new prize. Immediately after, all hell broke loose.  The portal finally opened and fleeing workers ran through.  The time spent casting left his previous spell unattended and Rastorem found himself compelled to run away in fear and dashed through the portal. 

“What the hell?!”  Caught by surprise, it took G a second to realize what had just happened.  He let go his of the unconscious Markesh to face the new threat. However, it was too late as Joe’s hammer crashed against his helmet knocking him back several feet.  Joe leapt into the air and stuck the ground as he landed, consecrating it.  A shock wave light flashed in all directions sending waves of pain throughout the bodies of the remaining five combatants.  Recovering quickly, Baar shouted “Get through the portal G and I’ll deal with him.”

“Deal with me?  I’d like to see that.” a flash in the shape of a hammer slammed into Baar’s gut winding him.  G dashed across the battlefield traversing the distance in an instant and unloaded a flurry of blows onto Joe.  Joe, dazed from the swiftness of G‘s attack was put on the defensive, blocking the warrior’s strikes.

Meanwhile the other three Assasins neared the portal.

“You go through first Poppa.” Quista Ordered and the Priest stepped through.  She looked back at Hiru. “See you on the other side.” She said and walked into the portal.  As she did so, there was blinding flash of light that filled the camp for just a moment. The portal changed colors and Hiru thought for just the briefest of instants that the blurry image of Orgrimmar changed, but when she blinked and it was normal.  Hiru paused for a moment unsure about what she’d seen, and then she too stepped through.  Baar watched as the last of the group disappeared.  He returned his attention to the battle just in time to see Joe, who had recovered from the blinding light just before G could make his move.  He stunned G and began to pummel him with his hammer.  Baaradon ran to his friend’s aide but Joe was too fast. He caught the Tauren by his nose and flung him as if he were nothing.  The massive Tauren crashed to the ground, his face bleeding.   Felonius rushed to his master’s defense, pulled the hammer from Joe’s hand and ran off. 

“Wretched animal bring that back at once!”  Joe Bellowed uselessly.

“Lose something?”  G tease as he attempted to pull him self free of Joe’s grasp. 

“Nothing I’ll need to finish you.”  Shoving him away, but keeping the Orcs sword, Joe stabbed G in the gut yanking the sword in an upward movement propelling it into his neck before removing it.  G stumbled and struggled hopelessly to keep his insides from spilling out onto the ground, but finally keeled over into a lifeless lump in pool of blood.  Baaradon struggled to stand, but was again struck by a hammer of light and collapsed to the ground.  As he fought to remain conscious his hand opened and a blue ball rolled out and stopped at Joe’s feet.

 “What is..” before he could finish the ball exploded in to a cloud freezing cold air.  Joe found himself unable to move.  It was at this moment that the Tauren summoned all the strength he could muster.  He stood and walked over to his fallen comrade, hoisted the limp body over his shoulder and made for the portal.  Before stepping through he looked at the frozen form.  “This is far from over Paladin.”  And with that he stepped through, followed shortly by Felonius.”


Baar emerged in Ogrimmar standing before a crowd of on lookers which included his fellow guildies.  Missing among them was Quistadora.

“Where is Quista?” He asked.

“We don’t know. Something strange happened to the portal when that bright light flashed. She never made it.” Hiru answered. 

“I don’t know what could have happened. What Hiru described…I never seen before.” Rastorem added.  Baaradon knelt down and place G’s body on the ground.  He like many of the others in the crowd held his head low.  The young druid that had befriended Quista stepped closer to Baar and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Do you think she’s still alive?”  The Druid asked.  Baar looked up at him and said nothing, for there was nothing that could be said.