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Minutes ago

     Rigar Nezzlefrak, an orc had seen many things having grown up in Kalimdor, but what he saw now disturbed him.   A Dwarven hand cannon was floating in midair.  He had been walking his normal patrol and just entered the tent where the slave’s confiscated belongings were being stored.  The gun paused and then sped toward him as if it had been thrown.  Rigar caught the gun in his arms and then felt a swift breeze across his skin.  A second later there was cold feeling of steel penetrating his flesh.  Before he could react to the pain in his back, a thin wire tightened around his throat.  Rigar struggled against his assailant but was unable to escape the inevitability of his death. Hiruskyia lowered Rigar’s body to the ground, retrieved her dagger and continued gathering Quistadora’s belongings.



      Baaradon knelt down and withdrew an oddly shaped device from one of his sacks.  He sat it on the ground and turning various knob and gears. When he was finished he pushed a large red button at the top of the device.  A small door on the front of the device opened and out marched a small mechanical ball. 

     “You sure about this, Baar?”  G inquired.

     “Hiru was quite specific with her intel.  My little surprise will walk right inside and take out the Mana dampener.”  Baar then reached back in to his sack and pulled out a Small sheep.  “And this little guy gonna cause a distraction at the stables.  Aren’t you little guy?”  G grunted started back to cover where Poppa and Rastorem were waiting.  Being that they were cloth wearers they would be too much of an liability until the Mana Dampener was out of commission.  G suddenly stopped  in his tracks and ducked down.

    “Baar!  Get your spyglass; is that who I think it is?”  He said pointing with an unsteady hand.  Baaradon whipped out his spyglass and looked in the direction that G was pointing in.




Last week.

       “Are you sure?  We can’t afford to be wrong…again.” Scyrun asked.

       “Well it matches the description we were given.”  Markesh answered.

       “Very well. Double the guard and notify The Baron.”  Scyrun ordered and watched as Markesh ran off to increase the number of guards standing watch over the strange artifact they had discovered.  Minutes later Scyrun was standing before the Baron.   When he entered the Baron’s tent, he found him not alone.  The Baron was looking over a map of the region with another human.  The new comer stood about 6’ 8” easy, clad in Black and crimson armor.  His armor being too ornate for a warrior, Scyrun assumed the human to be a Paladin. The Paladin had sandy brown hair and eyes that spoke volumes of darkness and misery.

       The men looked up from the map acknowledging Scyrun’s presence.

        “Ah Scyrun, What news do you bring me?”

       “My Lord, We believe we have found it.”  Scyrun replied bowing before the Baron.

      “Perfect timing then.  I have called some extra muscle to make sure nothing goes wrong.  Scyrun, this is Joe and he is going to kill anyone who opposes us.”



Three days ago


A young Tauren took in the comfort of the warm campfire, his muscles sore from working the mine all day.  The night was late and he knew he should be trying to get some sleep in since it would not be too long before they were put back to work.  Before he could rest he had one last task first.  He reached down and withdrew a piece of wood attached to the wood was a rat he had just finished cooking.  He took the rat and quietly carried it to a troll sitting in a darkened corner staring into space.  Quista had been pretty much in that condition since Concour had died. Without her mana she could not resurrect him.  The Tauren had been looking out for her ever since.  He made sure she ate, worked in the mine and occasionally he tried to cheer her up. 

     “Hunter, you need to eat. It will help keep your strength up.”  His words seem to only reach her on a basic primitive level.  He watched her consumed the charred meat with a vacant emotionless expression. “My name is Deathbryer, can you tell me your name?”  It wasn’t the first time he had introduced himself.  Each night he would bring her food, coax her to eat and try to spark conversation and each night the conversation was very one-sided.



Minutes ago

     There was a cold tense feeling of apprehension throughout the slave tent.  It was well past the normal start time for their work and no one can come to retrieve them.  It was not so much that they wanted to work in the mine as they were afraid of what would happen if they were no longer needed to work in the mine.  It was for this reason that a deathly silent hush fell over the entire tent when the ogre guard finally stumbled in.  The guard stood there for a few seconds staring blankly. His lips moved as if he was attempting to speak but no sound emerged.  Then without further warning he pitched forward and collapsed in the dirt, revealing his attacker, Hiruskyia.  She quickly placed a finger to her lips signaling silence.   She then quickly scanned the crowd of slaves until she found Quistadora sitting in the back corner of the tent.

     “Quista? Quista it’s me Hiru.” Quista just sat there.  “What have they done to you?”  Hiru looked at Deathbryer when she still didn’t answer.

     “She’s been like that for awhile now.  Have you come to rescue us?”  Hiru frowned, though she had been warned to prepare for the worst, she had expected to find Quista in better shape mentally.

     “Quista we’ve come to get you out of here.  Me, Poppa, Baar…”  At the mention of the Tauren’s name something seemed to awaken.

     “They killed him.  I couldn’t bring him back.”  She held out her hands with a look of a lost child.

    “No, Baar is…”  That was when Hiru realized it wasn’t Baar who Quista was referring to.  “Concour?! The dampening field. Oh no..Quista I’m… I’m so sorry.”  Hiru hugged Quista and Quista sobbed for her lost friend.  “Quista, I have your gear.  I think it’s time to make them pay!”

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