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You remind me of better days past.  A distant memory of happiness fleeting and fragile. Like the smallest ember of a dying flame, it was delicate and needy. It should have been nurtured and protected instead it was neglected and left to dwindle away, wasted. So long ago was that time that it has become more myth, a whisper of rumor for few still remain that remember.
In the dark loneliness I stand an ever vigilant protector of that which was left behind. It was here long before and, by my will, shall continue to live as long as I draw breath. There will always be those who seem to exist only to crush it, kill it or simply to push me to abandon it completely, but I say thee nay. Like the stone golems of lore, I remain the staunch watchman and defender against those who choose to spread their venomous poison of despair.
As I promise to protect, that which is protected provides a promise of its own; that that which was lost will one-day return anew. The light shall return and bring with it the joy and warmth not felt in so very long. The long night will end and winter’s bitter cold will end with it, paving the way for new spring to flourish; this time to be cherished, well-tended and kept with great care.
Yes, this has been promised by what was left behind. It’s a small thing; but small things can be powerful. So this smallest of glimmers springs eternal in the lonely dark of the long night waiting patiently for its time to grow, spread and bring back love and happiness.  Until then I wait and watch over you Hope, hopeful.



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