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Fwthwmp.  The sound was disgusting as it hit the floor. It still beats slowly, lonely on the dirty floor. Thump, thump. My heart ripped savagely from my chest as I fell helplessly…hopelessly into the sunken place. Thump thump.  I tumbled end over end, hands and feet reaching to find purchase. Her words were the knife innocent and subtle, damn did they cut deep. Thump… Thump. The world swam away from me and I became lost. I struggled to focus on something, one thing, just a small thing, anything. Thump.  Oh GOD, help me.  Save me. Thump. Funny, I would have given her my heart if she had only asked.  Thump. There it is at last, the bottom. I sit there on my knees at the bottom. I stare down at the sad lump that was my heart and realize the fool I’ve been, as reality laughs at my pathetic visage.  Reality’s hands are bloody having finished its extraction from my chest. Thump.  It stands ready to finish its cold task, her knife suddenly made steel in its blood soaked hand. It stabs the heart.  thu……..




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