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She walks into the room and simply takes my breath away.  All the elegant and carefully crafted words I had put together to express the overwhelming ocean of emotion she invokes suddenly escape me. They leave me alone with nothing more to say than, “Hello”. “Hello”, a simple five letter word, a rather mundane thing really. Somehow it seems wholly inadequate to convey something like; “My love, I welcome your return. My heart was torn asunder with your absence, but now beats fully and passionately in your presence.” Yes, somehow “hello” doesn’t do it justice. Where did they go; the words? Have I forgotten how to speak? Can I speak? I subtly clear my throat. I heard sound. Okay, so I am capable of some auditory communication, just need words. Words. Something profound. Something clever. Yes, that’s it, clever. She always did like my sense of humor. Am I breathing? Yes. I think. Ok, words clever words. Perhaps something deep and meaningful. That’s great. Alright, deep meaningful cleaver words. Remember to breathe. Damn, there is she is standing before me; hers must be the form of an angel sent down from heaven to show us mere mortals what true beauty really is. What was I about to say again? Oh yes, clever and profound. Try not to make an ass of yourself. Say something. Ok, yes I’ve got it.
“ahh Hi.”



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