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Monthly Archives: September 2018

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Here he is from the future…The Mutant known as Bishop.

Artist: CHI

Those snakes in the grass
They wait for your guard to fall
Venom in their bite

Joy of Repetition
sweet sweat, hot breath, more
exploring touching learning, more
slow repetition

The Quiet Soul
morning comes too soon
rays highlight the artful form
quiet is her soul

Colombian fire
red flames brilliant bright adorn
your nature wild, free




Posting 20180917

This Enchanted Scenes fountain was fashioned to capture the beauty and serenity of a mermaid’s getaway by the shores of the sea. #twistedsaplings #enchantedscenes #magical #mermaids

Waters Fall, crafted by CHI
Commissioned for and inspired by Kimberly L.   Summer 2016


Envelope art featuring The Batman.

Artist: CHI


Baaradon awoke to the pleasant aroma of Zhevar stew.  His body still aching from the rogue’s crippling poison.  The Hunter uttered a low curse as he rose from the blanketed bed; his head still spinning. 

“Take your time Baaradon, the poison they hit you with packs quite the punch.  You’re lucky to be alive.” A soft voice advised.  

Baaradon searched the room for the source of the voice.   An older male Tauren sat in the corner preparing a bowl of stew.  He passed the bowl to a young female Tauren who brought it to Baaradon.  Judging from the softness in the voice he figured it was she who had spoken earlier. 

“This is for you Baaradon, but you may want to sit while you eat.”  Baaradon offered no resistance.  The hunter glanced around the room. 

“Your pet is outside with our Stable Master.  He is fine animal.  It was he who brought you to us.  My name is Yonada.” The young Tauren informed as if reading his mind.

“This Inn… Am I in Camp Taurajo?”  Baaradon inquired.

“Yes, and though I know you need to rest, you can’t stay here.  If word reaches those who attacked you that you are alive they will return in force.” This time it was the male Tauren who spoke.

“Byula, you can’t send him away like this! He needs to get his strength up first.”

“Worry not old man I have no intention of staying long and as for the ones who attacked me…mmmh…They will meet my blade soon enough.” Baaradon’s eyes almost seem to burn red with anger as he spoke of the fate of his assailants. 

“Here you may need this.”  Byula tossed Baar a torn piece of leather.       “When we followed your beast’s trail back to where you were attacked, we found your Kodo and a dead orc wearing that emblem.”

“It’s the mark of the Scarlet Blade…  I have heard of them.” 

Baaradon tucked the leather into a pouch and stood.  “I didn’t know they had a presence in Kalimdor.”

“They started recruiting in Gadgetzan a few weeks ago.”  Yonada replied.

“Their sect is dangerous and I will not have them harm any of the people Of Camp T, it is time for you to leave Baaradon.”

“I agree.  Yonada, please send for the messenger and have him meet me at my Kodo.” 

The young Tauren nodded and dashed out of the inn. 

“Thank you for help and for the stew, Old man.”

Baaradon purchased some extra supplies and rations from Byula and tipped him for his assistance.

“May the eternal sun smile upon you, Baaradon.” 

The Hunter left the inn, retrieved Felonuis and prepared his Kodo for the journey.   A small orc boy came running toward Baar completely out of breath.

“You have a message sir?”  He panted.

“Yes, see that this scroll gets to Wolfguard of the Mute Assasins.  You should be able to find him in Orgrimmar.”

 He gave the boy the scroll and 2 gold coins.  The boy smiled in amazement of the generous payment and immediately ran for the flight master.  Baaradon knelt down gently petted Felonuis. 

“You’ve saved my hide yet again my friend, ready to get some payback?”  In answer Felonius growled.  “Good, so am I.”  

Baaradon mounted his massive Kodo and rode off.


     Pilfer fidgeted restlessly as he awaited his audience with Captain Kreig.  Though their heist had gone off without a hitch, freelance activities were frowned upon by the Blade hierarchy.  Pilfer was well aware of this fact but he also knew his crew would be pulling that job with or without him.  Being that he was part of the crew he to would have to face any punishment they earned; so he figure why not have the spoils as well. 

Pilfer’s tattered leather armor was worn, dusty and entirely mix-matched.  He pulled his cloak tight in an attempt to hide the ripped shoulder armor he wore where once there had been a crest displaying a silver shield carrying a dagger entangled in a red “S”.   The Scarlet Blade emblem had been torn away when he had evaded the cougar’s attack during the robbery. Pilfer had always thought himself to be quick but felt he had been lucky that the emblem was the only thing that had been torn from him. 

His nervousness eventually gave way to impatience and he began to pace.  His crew, of which consisted entirely of gentlemen of questionable character, simply sat at a table in a corner of the room playing Donjot.    Maricon was a troll Mage skilled in Arcane magics.  Gar, an Orc warrior, and Sliver an orc rogue.  Sliver unfortunately, was no longer with them having been ripped to shreds by Felonius.   

Pilfer, was a young Blood-Elf, slender but with a very solid build.  His ears perked when he heard footsteps drawing near.  He removed his hood revealing long black hair, a sharp and menacing contrast to his dark pink skin and green eyes.  Slowly, he stroked his carefully groomed goatee while watching a large ogre enter the room.

     The lumbering mass of muscle approached Pilfer, the floor trembling with every step, and gestured for Pilfer and his crew to step through an enormous doorway.  Pilfer was startled by the appearance of this door since only moments before it had been a wall and a bookshelf. 

“Magic…hmmf” Gar muttered and spit out a glop of snuff residue.  This action angered the large ogre. We he spoke it was with a deep voice that echo throughout the hall.

“DO THAT AGAIN AND WE’LL BE MOPPING IT UP WITH YER FACE, FILTHY ORC!”  The Ogre then turned and started down hall.  

Pilfer cast look toward Gar so scornful the room seemed to become cold.  Without a word Pilfer was across the room.  The movement so quick, Gar hadn’t fully registered that he had moved at all.  Pilfer’s Assassins rush and subsequent backhand, was all one fluid movement like eloquent poetry. “You try my patience, for which I had little to start, Gar.  Embarrass me again and you shall not live long enough to take a last breath.”  And with that said Pilfer turned and followed the ogre with the others quietly bringing up the rear.

Posting 20180903

Shhhh…Lie still little chicken, I’m not choking you yet.  That’s for later. So you guys are probably wondering how the F#(% I became a sackboy. You’ll have to pull at that particular thread another day. Right now, I see a Kitty I need to say hello to and show her what’s behind this big zipper.  #sackboydeadpool  #deadpool #whiteshelves # badlighting #Toomanyhashtags

Crafted by Katie C
Commissioned for CHI  Fall 2016