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Monthly Archives: August 2018

infinity shirt 006

There’s always been a bit of frustration and anxiety around taking test for me. This shirt was drawn with that in mind.  I started wearing for this one for every big test while I  was in college. Need to design a new one for my certification test.

Artist: CHI

What’s worse than being?  Being but not knowing? No? Worse yet, being without knowing only because you refuse to open your eyes and see?  As if you saw the lack of confirmation of what is already known makes it less so.  It doesn’t.  It only makes you a coward for not facing what would bring you displeasure. “Ignorance is bliss”.  No, ignorance is simply ignorance and worse than ignorance is choosing to remain ignorant.  True cowardice is choosing to feign ignorance in lieu of accepting reality, fact or truth. Yes, they are different. All who listen, learn and live long enough come to know this. So, which is worse being without knowing or being without choosing to know. Matter of perspective I suppose. What is your truth when you face the reality of the facts? Would you accept or ignore?  Will you simply be or become?



TS 20180819

Is it the soothing twilight of Lavender? Or is it the quiet brilliance of Violet? Maybe it’s the soft tenderness of Lilac. No matter the reason, we love purple. Crafted using silver wire and amethyst, this sapling resonates with the passion of purple. #Twistedsaplings
Commissioned for Katie C    Winter 2016



Envelope art featuring Marvel’s Iron-Man in Stealth Armor

Artist: CHI

The harsh temperatures and bright sunlight across the Barrens was no match for the Tauren and his two animal companions as they made their way along the golden road.  Though Baar missed the scent of healthy grass and the feel of the gentle breeze along the Mulgore landscape, he found the Barrens quite comfortable.  He even smiled to himself thinking what a beautiful day. 


In the distance, he caught a glimpse of something glittering.  Leaving the road was risky business for the inexperienced, but Baar was far from inexperienced and felt confident he could handle anything the Barrens had to offer.  As he approached glittering object, he saw that it was exactly what he had surmised.   A large copper vein sat nestled atop a small hill.  Baar brought his Kodo to heel at the bottom of the hill.  Here, his beautiful day quickly took an awful turn. 


     The blow was so swift it caught the Tauren completely unprepared.  It was all Baar could do to keep from puking as the world became a swirling blur and he tumbled off his Kodo.  Felonius became enraged as he watched his master fall.  The cougar detected at least four attackers approaching.  Driven by pure instinct and rage, he charged, opening his mouth to let out a menacing growl meant to strike fear in hearts of his enemies.  It might have worked, if that had been accomplished; instead all that came out was a very unimpressive “Baaaaaaa”.  


As his head began to clear, Baar watched his friend pace back and forth in utter confusion unaware that he was now a sheep.  He attempted to stand but instantaneously sustained cuts in both legs and across his back.  The wounds were painful but not life threatening and Baar easily pushed pass the pain and continued rising to his feet.   

Amazingly enough, the mighty Tauren gained an unsteady upright position.  Staggering back and forth trying to focus on his attackers as the poison introduced through his cuts began to take effect.  Baar drew his sword but it immediately slipped from his hand and hit the ground with an audible thump.  Shortly there after, he joined it.


Pilfer remained stealthed behind a tree and waited as the Tauren approached the copper vein.  Once in position, he sprang from the shadows, sapped the unsuspecting hunter, and back rolled into a crouched position.  His eyes never left his target, knowing that the Hunter’s pet would quickly retaliate.  Just as he’d expected the attack came swiftly. 

Maricon cast his sheep spell on the angry beast and Pilfer, though startled by the Tauren’s attempt to recover, swiftly whipped out his daggers and with blazing speed laid three well placed cuts.  He stood before the massive Tauren and watched incredulously as he continued his struggle to stand.  The Rogue was actually impressed with the Hunter’s ability to reach an upright position but knew it to be and exercise in futility.  Still, his body tensed momentarily, when the hunter managed to focus on him and draw his sword, but relaxed when the Tauren collapsed at his feet.

“Quickly, grab the bags and let’s get out of here before the spell wears off his pet!”  He gestured to his companions who proceeded to do as instructed.  They had the kodo stripped of Baaradon’s belongings within a few seconds.  It just happened to be a few seconds too long.

     The fog lifted from Felonius as the spell wore off.  Without hesitation he advanced on Pilfer, who to his credit sensed the attack coming and leapt to his left and out of harms way.  Unfortunately this left one of his partners wide open.  Felonius grabbed the unlucky rogue by the throat and pulled him to the ground.  Pilfer, not wanting to test the cougar’s resolve, signaled for the others to follow as he made a quick retreat. 

Felonius made short work of his victim but was too late to catch any of the others who were now fleeing.  Not wanting to leave his master defenseless; the cougar returned to the tauren, grabbed his shirt within his teeth and dragged the hunter to a small nearby village.

TS 20180805

This Sapling is filled with the vibrant flavor of south Florida. Using brass wire and orange seed beads, it captures the beauty of the Florida Geiger Trees. #twistedSaplings #geigerflo

Commissioned for Dionna E.  Summer 2016