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Daily Archives: July 30th, 2018

Night had fallen on the city.  There, in the parking lot of an old strip mall, lay a 24hr laundromat. It smelled of bleach and fresh spring fields. The machines were old but still functional. The place was only moderately kept up and looked generally dirty, adding a bit of irony given the building’s purpose. The fluorescent and neon lights of the laundromat gave off a sickly glow that often-made people look pasty and drained of life. Patrons of this establishment moved about loading machines, unloading machines, sorting dirty clothes, folding clean clothes and trying to wait patiently as machines ran through their cycles.
He leaned against his car just outside. As everyone went about their business inside, his gaze was fixed on her. She was currently moving clothes from her washers to the dryers she had elected to use. As always, he was captivated by the simple beauty of her.  Her hair, done up in curls, were accented by a blue hair bow. She wore a blue denim jacket she had “borrowed” from him.  She had not so subtlety hinted at the poor prospect of him getting it back.  Her jeans were tight and showed off her curvaceous hips. As she finished loading the dryers, she glanced up and caught him watching her. She smiled at him and walked out of the building to join him at the car.
He took her in his arms as soon as she got close.  Her body melted into his as she sought his warmth to fight the fall chill.  Taking in the scent of her perfume, he leaned in gently and kissed her ear.  He then softly began to sing to her. “He realized that she was new to love, naïve in every way. Every schoolboy’s fantasy she was, that’s why he had to wait.  If he poured his heart into a glass and offered it like wine, she could drink and be back in time for the morning paper.”  She nuzzled his chest and enjoyed the sound of his voice.   When he finished his lyric, she looked up into his eyes and kissed him passionately, her thigh pressing against the crotch of his jeans. He began wishing they were back at her place or just about anywhere not visible to the public. He wanted her.  He wanted her not only right there, right now but for always and forever.  She was his future, his love, his life.  She was the very beating of his heart and the completion of his soul. At the end of the kiss, they just stood there for a long while holding each other, and he could think of nothing better than that night; that moment lasting forever.